Yani Photography

I am looking to create photos with a deeper emotional experiences and meaning. Photos that are captivating for those who observer them. I want to cause the viewer to pause once in their lives, maybe to even have them reflect onto themselves and pull out something of value without A spoken word. I want someone to say OMG! To smile or shed a tear over the stillness of a/the moment. Just for a second, I want to take your breath away! To have something you can't look at but can't look away either!
Some times less is more!

Attention to detail, coupled with the innate ability to unlock the hidden passion with in subjects. As well as a relaxed shooting style. I believe I captures the true essence of the individual.

I never been one to just be content or being just another photographer, So there forth I also incorporated Design, Airbrushing & Make-Up to empower my creative edge/style or freedom as I see it! As well as I have a knack for Retouching!

I feel at home weather its shooting outdoors or in my studio

Call me anytime for commercial or if you want to create some art!